Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Track Review: "Dreamcatcher" by OMAIR Featuring HYDRAH

In recent months, there has been a rumbling about the future of OHM Music and it's founder Omair Mirza. Mr. Mirza left social media for a few months, then an article about this absence was published leaving this blog with questions. However, now it seems all is well with the release of a new track. Mr. Mirza has become a friend of this blog, and has chatted on Trending Topics with BB podcast about topics related to trance music.

"Dreamcatcher" featuring HYDRAH combines vocals with melody layers and great beat drops. The quinessential cocktail for a great trance track. Despite the fundamental qualities that make this trance, there seems to be a statement made about the overall sound of the label when you listen to this track a few times. With so many great labels in trance, an intricate sound enhancement can set you apart. Looking forward to more releases from OMAIR in the future! Support this track when it's released March 9th!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Track Review: "Expanse" by MBX

Despite the onslaught of labels producing trance music these days, the drive to keep producing quality tracks is still top of mind. This is especially true for the team at OHM Music, who have been featured on this blog many times before. Hailing out of Boston, MBX will add to the roster at the this label with the track "Expanse".

"Expanse" has all of the elements that make it trance music. The intricacy of and journey found in melody layers mixed with delightful beats and beat drops will make this track a sought after one for many sets and more. In fact, this track must have some remixes lined up. All around, "Expanse" should be added to your collection March 2nd!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Ode to Sean & Xander

This trance producer duo has been featured on this blog before, but with so many releases through M.I.K.E. Push Studio, the blog felt the need to highlight their talent. As explained many times before, the trance scene has been growing exponentially depending on your overall outlook. The road to becoming a successful producer in the music industry is extremely difficult, and when you combine passion with drive and talent, you get a duo like Sean & Xander.

"Gatekeeper" is what many trance fans like to call a pure trance track. The track has an uptempo beat sequence followed by a couple of layers of melodies. It may have some elements of psy-trance thrown in, but overall, the incorporation of layered melodies will hook any trance fan. Feel free to stream and/or buy this track at your earliest convenience.

"29" has been featured in many sets and radio shows/podcasts featuring trance over the past couple of years. The multiple layers of melodies have even inspired some big room constructions/remixes by Markus Schulz. Once you listen to this track, if you have not already, you will want to add this to your collection. The beat drops only enhance the infectious melodies.  It's clear why this track has become one of their most successful tracks to date.

"Total Recall" captures that uplifting trance feel many look for in...trance. Again, the incorporation of multiple layers followed by infectious beats will get you in that dancing mood. Their unique talent of finding new melodies is refreshing to find. Please stream and/or buy this track already currently released!

"In the Moment" captures what uplifting and euphoric trance are all about. Without becoming a broken record, the melody layers are brilliant. The accompanying beats enhance the track for your dancing pleasure.  Another one of their successful tracks to add to your collection!

Want more trance from the duo? Subscribe to their radio show/podcast Inspire to find other inspirational trance tunes.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Album Review: 'Man Of The Woods' by Justin Timberlake

This blog is aware that reviewing this album after reviewing the three previously released singles is overkill. However, with the Big Game performance around the corner, why not try to understand the entire story of 'Man Of The Woods'. So let's dive right in to the journey!

"Midnight Summer Jam" is an uptempo, well, jam, that features Mr. Timberlake's falsetto vocals as well as his comprehensive lyrics and vocals. The beat screams that is was co-produced with Pharrell, but that is not a bad thing. This song is going to be a break out hit whether it is released as a single or not. "Sauce" begins with an explanation and a killer guitar melody, then his vocals kick in, and you are immediately listening to the story portrayed by the lyrics. "Man Of The Woods" has a simple, yet catchy, baseline and kick, followed by the lyrics and vocals that even if you did not know it was about his wife, well, you know it is just that. 

"Higher Higher" is crooning song that immediately requires attention. The lyrics explain the struggle that stress presents despite success. Pretty sure that this song can relate to anybody willing to listen. "Wave" takes you with Mr. Timberlake to "paradise" through it's lyrics. The highlight of this song is the beats and guitars used to enhance your imagination. "Morning Light" featuring Alicia Keys, combines what each artist does best through lyrics, vocals, and "old-school" influences found throughout the song. This collaboration was inevitable. "Hers(Interlude)", "Flannel", "Montana", "Breeze Off the Pond", "Livin' Off the Land", "The Hard Stuff", and "Young Man" add to the brilliance of this entire album. Hope you enjoy the undertones, musicianship, and refreshing take on popular music Justin Timberlake brings to the industry. 

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Song Review: "Say Something" by Justin Timberlake featuring Chris Stapleton

Despite what many may or may not think, reviewing the single releases from Justin Timberlake's forth coming album 'Man of the Woods' must continue. The blog must stay consistent. In 2015, Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton performed together at the CMAs (Country Music Awards). To say it shook the country and pop crossover world up is an understatement. Why? Well, the collaboration worked so well. This sparked the question of a future collaborations by the duo.

Fast forward to present day, "Say Something" featuring Mr. Stapleton has now been released as a single off of 'Man of the Woods'.  The song captures both of their vocals well while also capturing the country roots Mr. Timberlake is stating he's influenced by. Incorporating Mr. Stapleton's crossover appeal was inevitable. This blog is looking forward to the entire story of 'Man of the Woods'.


Friday, January 26, 2018

Track Review: "Sparks Fly" by Euphoric Nation & David Thulin featuring Marisha Mae

It's a new year, but does not mean finding new music stops here at this blog. Our friends at OHM Music are set to have another successful year of infiltrating the trance scene.  It's the little independent label that CAN. Euphoric Nation and David Thulin have been mentioned on this blog before, and it is nice to see they have teamed up once again.

"Sparks Fly" feature the lovely vocals of Marisha Mae, and boy do they mesh with the melody layers and beats provided by the team. The lyrics explain why "sparks fly", which is a nice bonus to have in a track. At the end of the day, if the lyrics really don't mean anything, does the track really mean anything?  Highly suggest to support the entire team when this track is officially released!


Album Review: 'Common Ground' by Above & Beyond

A few months ago Above & Beyond plus many others artists on the Anjunabeats roster threw a big party to celebrate Group Therapy episode 250.  Little did the Anjunafamily in attendance and watching around the world, know they were to embark on a journey. Yes, a journey to a new album from the revered group.

A few tracks from this forth coming album 'Common Ground' were revealed along with the album's artwork upon the closing of Above & Beyond's set during that epic milestone party. Once those tuned in heard the familiar voice of Zoe Johnston singing "My Own Hymm" to those beats and synths, it became clear that a follow up to the popular album 'We're All We Need' was on its way.

Let's fast forward to today (January 26, 2018), the album has been officially released despite haven't had "Tightrope", "Northern Soul", and "Always" available for days or even weeks now. Despite your personal opinions on albums from them or on your favorite particular tracks, the beauty is being able to decipher that for yourself. The ability for an artist to evolve over time should not be overlooked. Music is after all subjective to your ears. Highly recommend you buy or stream this album at your earliest convenience!