Sunday, September 23, 2018

What's Up with OHM Music?

Out of fear for sounding or portraying a bias to our friends at OHM Music, there has been a hesitation to constantly feature tracks and artists on their roster. However, they are creating quality trance music, and deserve to be highlighted. In fact, as many posts on this blog suggest, trance music as a whole has been on a roll for quite some time.

"38 Below Zero" by Apollo Nash should immediately added to your collection.  This track aligns with the modern sound by the label while maintaining the authenticity of trance.

"Pari" by Josh Bailey is one of the trance tracks that also aligns with the sound of the label while sustaining artistic integrity to the trance music genre. These melodic layers and distinctive beats harnessed into one track deserve to be added to your collection.

"In Dreams" by Danilo Ercole & OMAIR featuring Bev Wild is the perfect collaboration of melodic layers, beat drops, and great vocals.  Many revere vocal trance as some of the most inspiring and pure trance music available. You should be the judge when you add this track to your collection.

"Our Reflections" by MBX provides an interesting take on the themes that can inspire and create a trance track. The fundamentals of melodic layers and beat drops still hold strong while meeting the standards of sound set by the label. When this track is officially released on October 5th, please make sure to show your support like you have to the previously mentioned tracks.

To support and add all of these tracks to your collection, please head to Beatport in addition to all streaming services out there such as Spotify.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Eminem and Sir Paul McCartney?

This blog has been focusing on trance music for quite some time, but as it is an all encompassing music blog, it's time to switch it up.  The joy of being eclectic presents these two questions. Have you listened to Eminem's new album 'Kamikaze'? Have you listened to Sir Paul McCartney's new album 'Egypt Station'? 

The absence of Eminem over the years or the thought he had lost his touch led the drop of 'Kamikaze' to surprise most of us.  The mix of clever rhymes and intricate beats cannot help but bring back memories of early releases of yesteryear. Especially with his call out of other hip hop/rap artists to bring back the art of battles.  Highly recommend checking this album out!

Sir Paul McCartney is a former member of the Beatles and more importantly a musical hero/legend. 'Egypt Station' brings the concept album back, and even if you avoid respecting longevity, you will love this album. From the songwriting, to the vocals, to the musicianship, the entire team should pat themselves on the back. Highly recommend this album as well!

Note: Both albums can be found where ever you buy or stream music these days. 

Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Latest from OHM Music

As evident and explained on this blog before, if you are a fan of trance music or somehow involved in the trance music scene, the rate at which new tracks become available is staggering.  However, the beauty of having an array of labels and sub-labels allow for intense discovery within trance. Not to take away from any labels producing trance, but OHM Music deserves to continue to be highlighted. 

The team at OHM Music seem to be aligning with owner Omair Mirza's vision for the label. Just recently released this month brought "Krypton" by Network X to the world of trance music. The track features uplifting vibes that align with Summer vibes due to its melodic layers and cryptic beats. Also recently released this month, "Tokyo Dreams" by Maglev showcase great talent along with other releases from the same artist. Available for your support on August 17th, "Not With The Times" by Gordey Tsukanov is a brilliant trance track with similar euphoric melodic layers and intense beats drops that should be marveled by trance fans for time to come.  Please support all of these tracks through your wallet and/or streaming at your earliest convenience. These artists along with the entire team at OHM Music deserve such support, and to continue to impress the entire trance world.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Track Review: "Into the Fire" by Arkham Knights

As the trance world embarks on the annual Coldharbour Recordings Day (July 30, 2018), it is time to review the latest track from Arkham Knights. These brothers have been featured and highlighted many times before on this blog, but as their career and recognition continues to rise throughout the trance scene, it is important to note that their talent keeps growing. Every track they have released has been better than the previous.

"Into the Fire" not only incorporates their signature sound of elements of techno with huge melodic layers that should keep not only those new to trance, but seasoned veterans hooked. Not to mention, but the beat drops that make it trance just add to the overall effect.  Assuming you have not read every post on this blog as well as those featuring Arkham Knights before, it should be noted their sound just aligns so well with the overall sound of Coldharbour as well as the vision from boss Markus Schulz. Please support the OFFICIAL release on August 3rd either by buying the track and/or streaming!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Track Review: "Valley of Time" by MBX

The popularity and overall excitement for the trance scene keeps this blog on its toes. Thus, another track from the OHM Music factory deserves to be highlighted. MBX has been highlighted before, and just like his previous work, this track will be featured in sets and playlists for time to come.

"Valley of Time" adds to the overall sound of the label with fundamental trance. The track has great melodic layers mixed in with beat drops that will get your body moving. As evident from the other highlighted tracks from the label, the quality is at a very high level. Looking forward to the official release of this track on July 20th! Please make sure to support it via buying and/or streaming!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Compilation Review: 'In Search of Sunrise' 14 Mixed by Markus Schulz, Gabriel & Dresden, & Andy Moor

Back in the day, you know over 20 years ago, DJ Tiesto began mixing a compilation called 'In Search of Sunrise'. This compilation went on to not only define dance music for years to come, but to birth what is now known as trance music. Back then, there weren't these sub-genre distinctions, but rather a love for electronic music as a whole. This series of compilations also helped define Blackhole Recordings, which is now the umbrella that oversees a lot of labels in trance and beyond.

Despite its success, 'In Search of Sunrise' disappeared for many years with many wondering if it was ever going to return. Well, that question has been answered with the latest version release.  Markus Schulz, Gabriel & Dresden, & Andy Moor were approached to mix a delectable selection of latest and nostalgia within trance music.  With the Summer in full swing, it only made sense to bring back this beloved compilation.  It is highly recommended that on first listen, you listen all the way through to enhance your senses. You will immediately be transformed to an oasis, and feel as you were on a beach at sunrise. Whether you buy or stream, please thank all involved for bringing back such a great series!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Remix Review: "Ozone" by Giuseppe Ottaviani

It is no secret that this blog not only appreciates trance music, but remixes of trance music. Thus, when this remix of "Ozone" began to be tested in many sets by Markus Schulz in recent months, many began to wonder when it was going to be released.  Giuseppe Ottaviani has made a name for himself throughout the scene from his own productions to well received live DJ sets. From his label GO Music to his radio show/podcast GO On Air, it is safe to say that Mr. Ottaviani is a staple in the trance music scene.

Both Markus Schulz and Craig Connelly have created unique remixes of a familiar track, but the beauty is that both remixes make sure to maintain the melodic layers that signified the track in the first place. These two remixes have been released on Blackhole Recordings to remind you of the magnitude of that label.  Stream and/or download your copy today!